3 Keys To A Winning Lifestyle

Winning is something that is learned not something we are born with.  In order to win you have to be able to first know that you are losing.

We must then make an objective analysis concerning why it is like it is.  Just the other day, I came across a book  that was titled “How To Win” on my bookshelf.

It was perfect because I was feeling a bit rough after going through a situation with someone close to me.  It asked me questions about myself that encouraged pondering for growth.  It had me really contemplating on what it is I could do to win so to speak with myself and with my goals.

Now this book isn’t very big, it is only 140 pages but the shift in mindset that I have is insurmountable.  I have made it thought about one-quarter of the book and already I have found 3 jewels in particular that will be worth your while.

1. Facing Reality:  It is so easy to be stuck in this has where you are distorting reality from what is really out there.  Understanding that life is hard is the first once you have come to peace with that it makes you aware and less surprised when you stumble across road blocks that would normally cause you to fail.  Understand that it isn’t only hard for you but it is hard for everyone who is trying to achieve noteworthy achievement.

2. Taking Responsibility: Taking responsibility sounds so easy because people automatically assume they are.  But if things go wrong what happens?  The blame game starts, they start to talk about the government, the traffic, the weather, how people don’t like them, etc.  The list is endless but if you can realize that kind of reaction and victim-like behavior will not help you win or achieve what you want to achieve.  Instead, realize that your responsibility means yours, you can do with it what you wish and that in itself sounds much more liberating that playing the blame game.


3. Seeking Improvement: Seeking improvement sounds easy but without the first two you have no foundation in which to go and improve with full conviction this is because you will not take responsibility and you don’t have proper perspective as to what reality actually is.  When improving it is important that you go out of your comfort zone so that you can continue to learn new skills and learn things you did not know before.

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Rededicated: For the athlete by the athlete

The importance of taking dedicating yourself to an avenue of mastery cannot be understated.  If you do not know what to dedicate yourself to that should be your dedication.  We all have something that at one point or another that literally engulfed us in its awesomeness until one point or another we got mislead because we were unfocused or it took too long to get the desired result.

I challenge you today to pick whatever is.  Even if it is something you haven’t done in years, try and pick it back up because if it is still in the back of your mind, it is still possible.

I have an exercise for you:  

Get a sheet of paper and at the top of it write down what it is you want to rededicate yourself to and under that number the paper 1-3.

For number 1, I need you to be completely objective and honest and ask yourself why it is like it is.  Why did you put it down?  Was it friends? Circumstances?  Finding out why it is like it is can help you let go of that and enable yourself to establish a new relationship with your purpose.  This is here you can let your

Now that we know what really happened, number two should be an outlet for you to enable yourself to talk about the emotions you feel and projections of how far you could have gone if you had stuck to what you said you were going to do.  This gives you clarity of where you think objectively you could have realistically gone had you followed through some time ago.

For number 3 I want you to take all of those projections and list them out one by one in a timeline like fashion for a year and as you accomplish them scratch them off one by one and watch your rededication pay off.