Whether you are looking  to obtain a more aesthetic physique, lose fat in the most efficient manner or just become more robust, fit and confident, all these problems have the same solution: Strength.  Strength is not just a physical phenomenon but also a byproduct of a superior cognitive functionality. If you are serious about rapid change in regards to the topics in this list, then you need to come to the accept that you are not as equipped as you need to be in regards to your goals.  Lets do something about it then.

Understand that there are levels to the strength game and to the level that you have comprehended of the knowledge is of the utmost importance!  Any dumb ass can pick up a dumb bell and start lifting but it takes a real scientist and even more specificly an educated lifter to get strength.  By now I hope you are aware of the unlimited amount of strength resources out there.  With this abundance of choice, be sure you obtain quality content and then implement from sources that are 1) credible and 2) you feel can build a relationship in the long term.  Strength can only be obtained with quality research, consistency as well thought out programming and smart training.

The reason people do not get the strength results they want is because they are taking in information from too many different resources causing information overload.  Unfortunately this causes contradiction and confusion which gets us no where but stagnation.  In 2016 with the internet being at the stage it is, we have literally unlimited sources to whatever content we want from both credible and non credible people.  From here the information can only get more saturated.   Resolve to a resolution that matches your goals and you feel intuitively is a good fit for you.

Now that we have the resources under control,  we can confidently without an shadow of a doubt talk about application of knowledge of strength that no one of these resources can argue with!

The first thing about gaining strength is.. actually lifting for strength.  Duh!  This may sound simple enough, but you would be surprised with the amount of people lifting rep after rep at too light weights and wonder why they are not getting stronger.  Training heavy is the way to go!  It has many benefits such as increasing growth hormone production, increased testosterone as well as fat burning effects well after the session.

Secondly, Consistency.  In the beginning you need to set your mind to a philosophy of being consistent.  Training to be training at 3-4 times a week in the span of years is to get stronger.  From the beginner stage it will literally be years before you peak and need much iteration in your programming.  Training any less and expecting respectable strength levels, is setting yourself up for failure and in the long term is setting you up for failure.  If you only lift when you feel like it, this is a false economy.  You cannot miss numerous days because of not being motivated and succeed.

Follow this simple formula and I promise you will not fail:

Consistency + Smart Programming = Strength Gains