Welcome to Aktion Strength, our mission is to bring you insane strength gains by keeping you accountable.  What we are starting here is something never seen before and I am excited you are considering training with us!  This is potentially going to be the best accountability-strength system in the world! I hope you are ready to take your strength goals to an elite level.

Getting stronger, seems like a pretty simple task, right?  Yes, it is!  However, simplicity is where most people get complacent and mistake it for easy.  Not always the case.  Training with Aktion Strength is not going to be easy and we want to filter out those who do not resonate with what we do to leave now.  We understand that when things are easy we tend to not do them because of how easy it is.  There are numerous studies that show that we when things are too easy there not even worth doing.

Imagine going to train in a gym, and you get there and all you see is a bench, with just a barbell and plated weights to add resistance to your training.  Where is the challenge in that?  Where is the squat rack, deadlift platform and accessory machines?  These things are the pizazz and what makes a gym a gym.

Ok, Aktion Strength we get it, we do not like easy stuff so what?  We like difficult tasks.. right? Not exactly, when a task becomes too hard, we tend to perceive it as dangerous, uncomfortable and may give up altogether, in our weight lifting terms we don’t go for the (killer)heavyweight nor just the barbell we tend to shoot reasonable obtainable goals and in the long term shoot for bigger goals.  stay in a comfortable homeostasis with no resistance at all.  There is no glory in

I will warn you there is a huge temptation out there that stay in a comfortable homeostasis with no resistance at all.  All you have to do is nothing and you have accomplished that.  There is no reward in that and there is glory in homeostasis.  You should know that there is no program that will take you to from point A to point B without massive amounts of Aktion.

In the year 2016, we can do a lot more than as athletes could in the past.  We can see results of people with similar demographics to us across the world and see their statistics and compare results.  We also have the access to Youtube and thousands more of experts that all have great training advice and programming.  But, what does that mean for you and me?  It means that we should have the best strength training in the world.

In the same breath we are at a huge disadvantage for us.  This causes psychological havoc and stagnation because of the abundance of the strength information out there.  There are really impressive trainers and lifters out there.  It seems as if records are being broken daily, there are people with over 1000 lbs squats and 600 lb bench presses that got those respective numbers with very different training styles. There is no one way to get stronger.  Aktion Strength’s purpose is to quiet the noise and have you stick to a program of your choosing, take your goals and aid you accomplish them through various accountability methods.  We know that strength and health is only one small portion of your life but once you experience the satisfaction of reaching your weight room goals that you can carry that same momentum into goals that you have in other areas of your life.

Welcome to Aktion Strength