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Building an eye-popping physique, freak like athleticism and core confidence all comes from having an immense amount of strength. Today, with the abundance of information on how to train for strength there is more reason now than ever to have the body, athleticism and all the great benefits that comes with being strong. But why is this not the case?

The problem is with a great amount of information comes the tendency to overanalyze differing methods and ultimately do nothing. This book separates itself by making gaining strength simple and super fun! The focus in the book is around the key movements that every strength program needs: The bench press, squat and deadlift. The book also includes accessory database to work on lagging areas to keep your joints and tendons healthy for long term progression. WIth the main movements and accessory database creating a program super easy and adjustable for people at the beginning level through advanced.

With the Aktion strength guide you will not only receive breakdowns of each key lift you will get:

Mentality breakdown that you should have in order to achieve success

Bench, Squat and Deadlift Benefits 101

10 keys for to absolutely master the big 3 movements (Bench, Squat and Deadlift)

Accessories to complement the work you do with the major compound movements (Upper body accessories as well as Lower body accessories)

Macronutrient Breakdown to aid in clearly understand how to eat including: How to gain weight without feeling overwhelmed and How to lose weight eating foods you already enjoy.

Major differences between HIIT cardio and regular cardio and how to implement cardio into your training.

Balancing your training with your everyday life.

And so much more!

Aktion Strength Guide

Imagine a month from today being able to bench press, deadlift, squat more and having more simple and time effective workouts. How much would your life change if you could accomplish fitness goals more efficiently. Would you have more swagger would you have knowing you can accomplish something as tangible as your own body? Once you can accomplish the technical task of getting stronger you can accomplish anything in life.


1)A free form assessment for the big three lifts to ensure that you are using the cues mentioned in this book correctly.
2)The first month of the Aktion Strength Guide program is free and embedded into the book!

Aktion Strength Guide