You may be asking yourself what is the number one skill in all of sport.  Strength? Precision? Speed?  No, it’s actually not a tangible skill, rather it’s something much more subtle, and nonchalant. Analysis.  

What does analysis mean in the sports realm?  Well, more than you might think.  Not the statistics on a scoreboard or a score sheet.  It means knowing you have flaws and are searching dilegnlty and being willing to fix them.

Why should we be working on analysis Akie? you may be asking.. Good question

Put it this way, if you don’t master analysis, you will never reach your potential and you may even end up with worse results than you may have gotten prior.

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, is insanity” -Albert Einstein

In my first year of competing in powerlifting I have learned alot, and it has brought me to really appreciate the aspect of analysis of performance and self analysis.

3 good reasons to learn this skill

  1. It may seem slow at first in the end inches add up.  Having the maturity at this point to track progress get much faster.  
  2. It’s not egotistical and it allows for growth.  
  3. If you’re not measuring you are managing, which means you have no control.  

Here’s me in my National Meet, enjoy 🙂

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