The Mass of Men lead lives of Quiet Desparation…What does it mean?


What did this guy really mean?


A long time ago as a child, my mother mentioned to me that all men lead lives of quiet desperation. I wasn’t quite sure what she meant at that time. Maybe she had been inspired by a book, or a movie, or the current sensation of her own life. But it wasn’t until years later that I understood what “Quiet desperation” really means. It’s unmet desires. It’s dreams unfulfilled. It’s waking up one day and realizing that you have lost not only your dreams but your voice. It’s a robotic movement through life as you silently dream of some adventure. It’s your mid and late twenties when you suddenly realize your own mortality and finally start compromising with your own expectations of yourself. This is when the real meaning of quiet desperation rears it’s ugly head.

Sometimes I think of Henry David Thoreau’s quote

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