That title may sound a little weird but if you have that issue, and if your mind was where mine was as I was writing this then I have a post coming a little later for you 😉  Not really.

No, but in all seriousness, if you are anything like me you have an area of your body that you really enjoy working on.  It is usually a part of our body that we have strength in already.

For some people, it is their abs.  We all know those people who have never done a crunch a day in their life but have abs that can literally make a person who does them daily want to quit.  For others, it is their biceps, and those with decent sized tend to do more biceps to show off their strengths.

For others, it is their biceps, and those with decent sized tend to do more biceps to show off their strengths.

For me, it is my legs I have always enjoyed training legs.  Mostly because growing up my only dream ever was to play in the NBA.  I knew to even have a chance at my height I would need something that would make me stand out.  The only thing I could think of to make me stand out at 5’10 is being able to dunk.  This is why I have overly developed legs compared to the rest of my body.

I have eliminated weak body part after weak body part to the point where I feel confident saying that all of my major 3 lifts are to my liking in terms of one not being too far ahead of the other ones.  For the longest time, 2 years to be exact I was stuck at a 315 lb bench press and thanks to changing up my program and using some of the tips I am about to share with you, I upped my bench press.

In the past 4 months my bench has increased my lagging body part thanks to the methods listed below:


Pre-fatiguing muscles:  This is a method where you get your tired with differing exercises or over stimulated them with stretches to really get their firing before hitting your main sets of the target group you are training that day.  This works really well, because even though you work the whole compound movement the fatigued muscle will take more of the load because you fatigued it prior.

Finishers:  This is something you do after a workout and can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes.  They are simply just HIIT sessions that you use to further fatigue the muscle you worked on that day.  These are some of the most intense HIIT exercises you will ever encounter but they will enhance your stamina as well as promote intense muscle growth to the fatigued areas.

Focusing on the mind muscle connection:  It is one thing to do a workout and go through the motions but a whole other thing to really focus on the contraction and expansion of the desired target area.  Doing this will not only allow for more stimulation to promote muscle growth but will help strengthen the CNS for better mind muscle connectivity.

Take a designate day:  If the lagging muscle group is that far behind, then maybe its time you take a whole day to train the muscle group by itself and give it the attention it needs to be brought up to the levels of the rest of your body as well as using the methods listed above.

While some of these may be a bit

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