Being a perfectionist is would be awesome!  Wouldn’t it?  Think about it if you could know how to have perfect timing then you could ask that person out you wanted to ask out, learn how to build the perfect business or in this case obtain the perfect strength regime or perfect body then without a doubt we would all do it.

But that is not how events end up being in real life, we humans have biases in our brain, our environment,  outside influences, serendipity among a vast amount of other things that distort our efforts of achieving perfection or becoming a perfectionist.

To be honest this causes us all a great amount of anxiety and we are better off putting our efforts towards progress instead of perfection.  

Being a perfectionist is really taxing to you and the people around you, it not only lowers your quality of life, makes you a procrastinator and ruins any motivation you had prior to starting your quest to become your best self.

If you are struggling with inaction due to taking in copious amounts of information you are reading, watching, and taking in you maybe doing too much in terms of consuming information.

Now I am all about learning and not jumping into things before you are ready but if you spend all of your time reading the manual how, when will you ever have the time to do what it is you need to do?

Tai Lopez only get about 40% of what it is that you are intending to learn about before starting, make a decision because what if you are to learn 100% of a certain subject only to find out there is something else interests you more and that is not something you want to fully commit to.

Obviously take this advice tongue and cheek as all of us are different and have differing capacities in which we learn.  Intiution for this is huge as you know when enough is enough and when you are learning just for the sake of thinking you are getting ahead.



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