Competing for the first time in a sport is definitely a battle mentally just as much as it is physically for anyone to do.  But once you decide whether or not you are going to go through in pursuing an athletic endeavour then you need to do your research and then practice.

Make sure you have the fundamentals down first.  The basic how-tos that any other beginner should have, because with this skill set you can quickly become intermediate and then advanced if you are willing to train for it.

However, if you truly want to take part in what is called a new event, in this case powerlifting, then you should do steps described above and then find out about events near you and sign up.

Where most mess up:  Doing extended research in anything is not good because you fall into the spectator mode as opposed to the action taker and the person who is actually doing the event.

Question:  Did you know that the people who know the most about basketball aren’t those in the NBA?

Do you know who these people are?  The commentators, these people are known for giving the crazy statistics about what happened in 1940 when the first dunk happened by Bob Kurkland and the like.

Don’t be the commentator, instead be the person who masters the fundamentals and applies what he knows full on.

When you want to do your first meet, don’t sit around and digest tons of information before you start.  Tai Lopez says you should get about 40% of the information you need before you need to start.

So what are you waiting for, I am sure if you are reading this this isn’t the first article you are reading on this topic, sign up for your first meet.

See you on the other side,



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