Before we get into the bulk of the content, please watch this very educational and important intro video so that the rest of the article will make sense. Thank you

– Thanks, Akie

The world is a huge fitness mode, right now and for good reason, we need it after years of neglecting application of simple knowledge towards our nutrition.  We have known that we need the essentials, fat proteins, and carbs for years now but the idea of eating, drinking them in a healthy way is just recently hitting the mainstream.

Today the big money maker and for good reason, the macronutrient that we most lack in our diet is protein this and protein that.  Even us in the actual fitness world, we too are all looking for extra sources of protein.

Whether it be trying to either increase strength, build size or just become more healthy , we want the ‘Tein. (protein).  Unfortunately, in the standard American diet or SAD diet, there is not nearly enough, not to mention the lack of micronutrients, but that is for another day.

I would like to give you 5 protein sources that can easily get you closer to your 0.5-0.7 grams per pound of body weight that you should have in your diet.  If you can up your protein intake, then you will be one step closer to your goals.

Honorable Mention: Vegetables/Legumes/Beans, get the honorable mention.  I have to admit without a doubt this one was surprising.  While researching this I had no idea that these foods had a good amount of protein in them.  I do not recommend eating all of your protein this way, but I will say that eating a lot of these foods are quite filling as  you have to eat a good amount of volume to achieve the adequate portions for  you would using just protein, not to mention if you are looking for weight loss these foods are very nutrient dense while being very light in calories.  Try eating more: Spinach, Mushrooms, Brussel sprouts, Red Beans, Kidney Beans, Broccoli, Kale, Artichokes.  Rember just 100 grams of Lentils has 13 grams of protein! 🙂

Powder: This one used to be one of my favorites, and gives you an awesome flexibility in terms of with what you can eat it with and how quickly you can ingest it.  You do not have to take it with water, you can have it as a side dish with your favorite desserts, ice cream, and pudding are the best IMO, but to each his own.  With the array of flavors of powder that there are out there, there is no reason that you cannot be getting a sufficient amount of protein.

Meat: Ahh, the most controversial, with the big fitness movement going on in the world now, the positive movement comes with the extremists as well, although the argument can be made about ethics and why it is not right to eat meat, I grew up on it and LOVE it!  Although I still eat it, I did have a change of heart on the matter.  I did do my research and take into consideration that the meat I am consuming is not a product in itself but at one point did have a family, feathers or fur and a place in nature.  It is still good as hell to eat 🙂

Slushies/shakes:  Protein shakes are good for when you are on the go.  Have you tried liquid dieting?  These are awesome choices for that as well.  Furthermore, there used to be a big notion in the athletic training realm, from at least what I remember, was the launching pad and got protein shakes more widely used.  The industry as a whole then goes off and become insanely profitable.  The whole idea was that is there is a limited time window that you can drink these things before losing optimal recovery and eventually results for all the hard work you just did in the gym.  Not necessarily true, but it worked.

Cookies/bars:  These things can be just as good as the real cookies and chocolate bars that we love.  I usually try to stick to things I know such as simple truth protein bars and if I am feeling very fancy I’ll whip out a couple of bucks for a quest bar, but that doesn’t happen often.  However a protip: would be to learn how to bake cookies and apply protein powder into the cookie dough!  Be careful though!  It can get a little lumpy and dry, so be sure to add more water, but not too much!

Dirty ‘Tein:  Everyones favorite!  Junk Food!  Fried chicken, chicken nuggets, burgers and the like easily have to be the tastiest on this list but I will say that these are the protein sources with the least amount of return on your investment.  This is because not only do they give you the protein but they come with the extra baggage of saturated fats, inflammatory properties as well as countless other properties that ya don’t want.

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