Strength training has so much positively impacted life for me and many of my friends that today I figured I would tell you why you should be training this way too!

Let’s be honest, the grunting, slamming weights and struggling faces while lifting isn’t exactly the most welcoming training style to choose from, especially if you have never done this type of work before.  But like most hard to obtain facets that we want, they require quite a bit of proactive thought processes and lots of effort.

Without further ado, 10 reasons you should strength train:

  1. You look better: People get deluded into thinking that health just is a number on a scale and that couldn’t be further from the truth.  After all, how can there be a right weight for anyone classification of people?  If you want to know whether or not you are headed in your right direction as far as your body composition goes, look in the mirror.  If you’re not happy, its more than likely you need more muscle.  Muscle makes you look more full, aesthetic and healthy.  Once you have a solid base of muscle, when you decide to eat a little more, the little fat gain you do experience goes on evenly over your muscles so you look much better than someone with no muscle foundation.
  2. You burn MORE fat:  The amount of effort it takes you to not only move heavy weights but move it repeatedly for many sets can lead to a massive amount of calories burned.  The amount of stress on the muscles is great so even after the workout you are still burning calories from your workout.
  3. Increased testosterone:  Lifting with these big muscle groups increases a great amount mobility and blood flow all around the body.  It also improves libido, energy throughout the day, bones density, definition in muscle and helps you be more proactive instead of reactive in life.
  4. Increased confidence:  Becuase you have more energy, better sleep, looking better and your attitude is better you are likely to experience more happiness and confidence.
  5. Addictive: To receive the benefit of strength training you need to do it 2-4 a week.  The kicker is getting through the pain period.  After the initial pain period of getting overly sore, once it subsides, you really can get immersed in strength training because you have emotion invested in it.  Psychologically because you experiencing an emotional pain response you become  invested in it, you are more likely to commit to it and do it consistently more often than you would if it did not hurt during that period.
  6. Food tastes better:  Did I mention you can eat a ton more because of your foundation of muscle?  Having muscle not only helps you in check as far as the quality of foods you are likely to eat and you can eat a ton more of it.  Every once in a while when you do decide to satisfy your sweet tooth it’s more rewarding because you know you have enough good will towards your health to do so.
  7. Better sleep: How well do you sleep right now?  How deep of sleep do you get?  If you are not getting the quality of sleep you want it is likely you aren’t strength training.  Studies show that vigorous exercise and for these purposes, strength training actually improves sleep quality.
  8. You get your life back:  Are you spending 1-2 hours doing cardio?  Or even worse “lifting” amount of time with weights?  Bless your heart, you’ve got it wrong.  What you want to do is have something sustainable and something you look forward to.  45 min – 1 hour is all you need in terms of getting a sustainable routine going.  When you train for strength because it is so taxing, less is more.
  9. Makes you realize you have to work for what you want:  Strength training parallels real life so much!   It’s all cause and effect here.  When you realize that if you go to the gym and give half effort, you are given half the results but when you give a workout full effort the results are amazing!
  10. You help the others:  The more you give the more you get!  That’s what my swole friends and I have learned over the years.  Giving advice when you see someone performing a lift wrong or just struggling with getting in the gym and doing strength training is what makes the world a better place. 🙂  Another important point is when you are teaching, it is just one more time you are reiterating the fundamentals of strength training into your nervous system thus taking you step closer to mastery of being a strength training bad ass.




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