What’s up guys, this is first time posting in a while and for good reason!  I have been heavily indulged and obsessed about my training.  I am literally one week away from my first national championships, I know it’s surreal.

Content as far as posts and videos will be coming more consistently again after this national meet.  Let me know what you guys would find interesting or helpful as far as self-improvement and strength training.This was the top priority for me since late October, as it is important to be prepared to take advantage of rare opportunities  come about.

This was the top priority for me since late October, as it is important to be prepared to take advantage of rare opportunities  come about.

It is hard to be fully committed to two things at once, as the saying goes a man who chases two rabbits catches none.  So I had to ease up on of Aktion Strength for a bit and really hone in on my training.

I feel that next week will be more than a true test of what the drive and competitive spirit is all about.  Planning, training, consistency and realistic expectation with a solid mentality is key.

If you would have asked me in October about how fast these weeks would pass by, and would I be where I am right now I would have said no.  I have put 100% into my training, mentality and preparation for this meet and I plan on killing it to the highest of my abilities come next week.

A couple subjects I want to briefly discuss before I compete.


I have a couple of my good friends coming down to Georgia to support me.  The trip down there is going to be fun as hell and although I am primarily going down there to compete and win, I want to go sight seeing as well as enjoy the few days off I have from work so that I come back refreshed to not only crush it in the family business but my online business as well.

Body Weight

Right now I am 195 lbs, I plan to drop down to 181 by using a water cutting method starting this Monday.  I do not like cutting but in order to meet the weight class that I have already signed up for that I come in at that weight.  It’s not going to be the most joyous thing in the world but I am more than capable of making the weight.


Squat 550, Bench 335, Deadlift XXX.

Squat Breakdown: I have been using the method of overshooting my training maxes on various programs most notably the Candito 9 week program to take my squat plateau to an all new level.  I have hit 550 for the first time ever a month ago and this past Monday I hit a single for 530 with good depth and relative ease.

Bench Breakdown:  I have been honest here.  My bench has been slack for a few years.  315 has been about where I have been at since 2014.  I am not happy about that, I have experimented, with increasing volume, moving my hands around trying various grips and nada.

However, I did have a gym buddy who is very experienced with power lifting give me a couple of cues to help my form on the bench press as well as advising me to use a belt when I bench and this seems to have added 20 lbs to my max press.

Deadlift Breakdown: I have been sparingly putting deadlifts into my workouts for a couple of reasons.  I in your squat almost guarantees an increase in deadlift.  I added literally over 30 lbs to my squat I have full confidence when it comes down to it I will produce during the deadlift.  The second reason is that doing deadlift too much is really taxing and I find it hard to do that consistently as opposed to working on the former two and implementing work on these less often.

Week of:

Chiropractor: I am  going to see the chiropractor to readjust my  back.  This is just to have me feeling as comfortable with my spinal safety and ready to compete as hard as possible.  I haven’t been going to get adjusted as consistently as I used to, but I want to leave no stone unturned this week as far as preparation goes.  I want absolutely nothing to stop me from crushing these weights.

Massage:  This is to just really let my muscles relax and treat myself this last week before my meet.  I think it is important to reward yourself when you do something you say your going to do something and actually follow through with it this is something that just comes from my core values and belief system.

Sleep:  I have a love/hate relationship with sleep, as it is usually it is hard for me to get to sleep and hard for me to get up.  This week will have to be an exception, in order to be 100%, I need to get a full 8 hours of sleep starting Sunday night to have my body fully rested and have my body firing on all cylinders come meet day!

Attitude:  The most underrated thing in all of sport and life.  I at times have a problem with this and I guaranteentee you do to.  This is the number one thing stopping anyone from getting what it is they want and for me it is a gold medal.  If I do not get a gold medal this Saturday it is becaue I simply did not believe and have the right attitude.


Late last year I set a goal to bring home a gold medal so I will be disappointed with anything less than that.  However I am realistic, and understand that this is the national stage.  There could be someone who comes out of the wood works and surprise me, upset and even beat me.  For now, I am focused and ready to compete!

A year ago if you would have told me that this year I would be competing in nationals in a sport I never played previously, I would have laughed my ass off at you and kept drinking my Guinness, but here I am a totally different person, with different ambitions year later shooting for the stars.

Not sure exactly what compelled me to try powerlifting.  I do however think it happened completely orgranically and gradually.  My relationship with training and the hours I work might have something to do with it as well.  I have been working more and more hours sometimes 10-12 hours a day without time to get out and do my first love (basketball), or training for basketball.  I have always enjoyed watching videos of  all these years as well as watching an insane amount of strength training videos on youtube show crazy feats of athleticism and strength from guys like Jonnie Candito, Josh Hancott, Brett Gibbs, John Haack to name a few.

Training has always been a passion of mine as mentioned in a lot of my previous posts.  Not only do I do training but I genuinely enjoy talking about training watching it.  Watching amazing feats of relative strength there were out there.  In my countless hours of watching training and dunking videos, I came across a video of Jonnie Candito squatting 515.  Since then, little by little I started to enjoy watching these lifters display insane amount of strength training videos on youtube show crazy feats of athleticism and strength from guys like Jonnie Candito, Josh Hancott, Brett Gibbs, John Haack to name a few and I grew a

Anyways, it is Friday night 10:30 pm and I have been working since 9 this morning.  My father just pulled in to relieve me from a hard days work.  I am going to go to the gym work up to a 330 lb single, stretch and go home into my bed.

Til Next Time, Akie

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