3 Ways To Tell Who Is Knowledgable In The Gym

Ok, so you’re in the gym and working hard, doing your thing.  You’ve just finished a set of (insert your favorite lift here), and then it happens.. you know that one guy who is always waiting until you are done with your set to tell you, not to bounce the weight off your chest, or to go lower on squats, waiting to get his two cents in.

95% of the time the input is not even asked for.  However, it is important to be able to distinguish when it is and when it is not appropriate to listen to the advice of someone giving you counsel in the gym.  You never want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  This could be someone who is older or maybe even a peer.  But when is it exactly appropriate to take another person’s advice you may ask.

“A mind full of conclusions has no room for expansion.” -Tai Lopez

How to know when to listen:  This goes beyond what you see in the gym, this can be applied to countless other things.  Don’t just listen to anyone who opens their mouth and blabs on about how you should do this or that without proper reasoning that supports truth and your core values.  This can be tricky because you can in your heart of hearts think they are wrong but you attempt anyways because you do not want confrontation, but this trains you to not only be inauthentic but makes you perform even worse because you are not doing what you were doing in the first place or you are not quite doing it the way the person who is attempting to aid you is explaining either.  This is a nono, you are better off being the asshole that says “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Intuition: You can hear it in their voice, their body laungauge that there is a deep understanding of the subject being talked about and are passionate while explaining it.

Tangiable Results:  They are talked within the enviorment with great respect and admiration or they are just physicallly where you aspire to be.

Battle Scars:  Time tells all.  If you can see the frame and the conviction of a person who at one time had a what you are looking for, then once more keep your mind open and your ears more open.

Some people talk and want to distract you from your mission in the gym.  DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN.  I had to go as far as to move gyms because people who “knew” more than me were advising me at every turn.  In the same breath do not fall victim to failing to listen to someone who has already done what you want to accomplish.  That is almost as stupid as listen to the guy who has no idea of what he is talking about.

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