How To Know When You Need Rest

Athletes do not play around in the gym, they want to go hard in the gym at all times.  Me included, I mean we want to lift as much weight as possible for as many reps as possible.  Lift that heavy weight and absolutely destroy the gym.

It is important to get those intense workouts in especially when trying to push for personal records and for other competitive reasons.  Going 75% or above for many months at a time without a deload during certain points during training but other times your CNS can get shot and it is imperative to really dial in serious rest time.

At this moment my right hamstring is tender, my left rotator cuff is sore as well as my whole back is sore as hell!  This is a part of not only being a powerlifter but an athlete in general.  For now, I am going to take some time to do some active rest and really work on my flexibility, mobility and sleep patterns.  This will round up any athletes training and improve lifts and performance more than just going hard in training alone.

For rest, it is very important to get adequate hydration, sleep, foam rolling, stretching, sunlight, light cardio and recreation or fun outside of training.

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