How Changing My Bench Press Routine Will Increase It

I am two weeks into adjusting my programming for Bench Press.  I went from heavy weights and lower volume which I used to swear by, to using less weight but a huge increase in volume.  This was a need in my training due to being constantly using heavy and it not increasing my gains which were expected prior.  It used to be effective until it eventually became the leading factor of me plateauing for the past couple of months.

This sounds like a lot of us being stuck in our own ways, we think if something works for us for a certain amount of time, it will always work.  Not always the case now is it?

As of now I am literally more explosive with weights I used to hit for 3-4 not for sets of 6 for 6 sets just by changing the way I program!  I finish up my training period next Friday for this program and I cannot wait to see what my new max is on Bench.  I am aiming for around 350 if I could master that weight that would be awesome!

Lesson:  Things work until they don’t and when they don’t change and adapt.

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