What’s up guys, as of right now I am 84 days away from Nationals in Las Vegas.  I am working right now to build a crazy strong base.  Then I am going to change my stimulus and work on my weaknesses.  Usually, I have been training using a 5 reps or below scheme in my training for years.  For this prep I want to give myself a much room to grow as possible as of now I have been getting solid gains through using volume.  I am learning how hard it is to push through lots and lots of reps this is good for my mentality and just not limiting myself and labeling myself as just a low rep guy and thinking that that is the only type of training that will work for me.

Yesterday I did:

Squat 3×3 @ 375

GB 3×20

Leg Press 3×20

Bench 8×4 @ 280

8×25 band pull aparts

If you’re interested a simplistic approach to strength training check out a book I wrote: Aktion Strength Guide

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