It happened!  One bright day you decide to start pushing towards your goals.  Maybe it was working out, starting your business or another respectable endeavor.  Just manifesting the clear thought of doing something is difficult enough and now that you are thinking about heading in that direction, it is important to respect the framework and process of momentum.  Day one is going to be a cake walk and you feel like you are on top of the world but the strength in your drive is going to be tested time and time again when you encounter countless obstacles that can pry you from your straight forward path to what it is that you want.

The biggest thing is consistency.  This sounds so easy!  Just keep doing the same thing over and over again right?  Just keep reading, training, and pushing and eventually you will get there.  This is true but without a true road map to where it is that we want to end up, training constantly pushing endlessly can be a drag and even worse eventually lead you to failure.  a  you are heading in the correct direction almost certainly you feel that you cannot sustain the progress that you recently have indulged in.  This is understandable and can keep you motivated for a couple days.  But what happens when that day you knew was coming that you knew

I have found in the past couple weeks is to not look back at your past and say “I have started this journey before but I let myself down”  That thought pattern is weakening and can almost certainly guarantee a loss of will power prematurely which is not what we are looking for.

The answer:

Staying present which embodies the notion of just letting what ever happened in the past to not affect you in any manner and almost certainly not thing too far into the future about events that have not occurred yet.

The idea of putting one foot in front of the other.  When I say this, it sounds simple but really it isn’t since there are so few people who make it to the desired point on the path they want to pursue.  This is much more effective than going hard on your endeavor in one day and forgetting about it or doing it straight for a month and then getting burnt out.  What is important is doing the most you can in what time you have consistently and to a level you will not get burn’t out in the long term.

The same holds true to the opposite.  Momentum is an entity that is inevitable either way you go and will happen regardless if you have a conscious effort or say so in the matter.  The question is will it be in your favor or not?

One thought on “Building Crazy Momentum In Anything

  1. Great inspirational post! Many people don’t start towards there goals because they don’t see the difference one step will make. All things compound over time, great post.


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