This past week of training was really interesting.  I was doing a 2-month squat program and hurt myself.  Training was going well until a little over a week ago I strained my hamstring really badly.  I was expecting soreness due to the new stimulus I put into my training but not this.  I normally do heavy sets and lower rep ranges below 5 usually and have for years.  So to switch the style of training to get unnoticed gains I used even lower rep ranges for the squat but tried insane amount of volume on accessories.  I am sure that was the problem.

It was hurting me to a point where I was considering calling a doctor.  What I did instead was a lot of mobility work and stretching of the muscles on the opposite side which were really tight and caused this hamstring tweak.  Foam Rolling, heavy stretching, and rest were huge for me this week.  My hips were tight due to the crazy amount of sitting I do, and really we all do today but that is a story for another day!

Instead of wasting a week I started up a new program on my bench press.  I am going to be benching 4 days a week and implemeting a lot more volume with lighter weights to ingrain the muscle memory even more and to build in a bit of growth for more strength potential down the line closer to the meet.

I am going to try squatting again this week as well but definitely not going to rush into heavy weights again.  I do have a program set up with new stimulus to get me past my current plateau.  This is a point in my training where I am far enough to the thing, I have a lot of time to put work in to gain major strength but at the same time, it is less than 3 months away.  Just enough time for a quality lifting program to run though and see some really awesome gains if I can get all my ducks in a row!

Really want to know how you guy’s training has been going.  Let me know in the comments below and also, if you are looking for a book to change the way you train forever and really give you the body, strength, and confidence you always wanted to have, check out my book at Aktion Strength Guide it will change your life forever!

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