If you don’t have a woman you won’t cry, but if you don’t have a place to workout you will!

When it comes to getting strong and having a great body do people get it wrong.   For some reason, there is a notion that what it takes to get there is reps upon reps or lift massive amounts of weights.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Squats, Bench and Deadlifting more than any other exercises but I would be lying to you if I told you those are the only optimal ways to gain strength.


Body weight training has enormous benefits for your strength interest and can enhance your body appearance in no time!  Going for max reps for a couple sets can be just as stimulating as lifting iron barbells and metal plates.

If you want to enjoy the freedom of not going to the gym or do not have time to spend 45 mins to invest into the gym, then this style of training is likely your best choice for similar results.


Reasons you would not be successful with AKTION BODYWEIGHT:

  • You really have a love for the Iron
  • You dislike repetition work
  • You do not have the coordination to perform


Bodyweight training exercises are very underrated in building strength.  These should only be used as an accessory for the main lifts of strength building.  If one is deprived of a gym or simply uses these as main lifts they are not too shabby for temporary replacement either.

Squats:  Follow the 3 squat cues above!

Adductor Raise:  While lying on your side, simply raise your outside leg and until it is uncomfortable.

Pistol Squats:  Sit back into squat position on one leg.  Bend your knee first and then sit back wards.  Engage your core so that you do not lose balance, lower slowly with support if needed and gradually use support less and less until you can do a full pistol with no support.  

Push Ups:  Assume a kneeling position and put your hands in front of you and get in the plank position.  Point your hands in an angled position so that your head and your arms are pointed in an arrow.  Using this position keeps your shoulder safe and transfers perfectly into a bench press as well as other press movements in the gym.   

One Handed Push Ups:  This requires stability of immense proportions.  I recommend starting on both hands and shifting your weight from one arm to another using only your fingertips on the opposite hand that is being worked.  As as you get more comfortable, remove fingers one at a time from a regular push position each workout.  This will gradually allow you to build the correct movement patterns and strength in each shoulder, triceps and core to be able to do a one arm pushup!  Once you have the stability that you need you can do a one handed push up!  You have to put the hand that you want to press with across your body and lower slowly and then press up while squeezing your core deeply.  

Hand Stand Push Ups:  This exercise requires tremendous core strength and shoulder stability.  If you are not advanced enough to do them with no support, start with some assistance. Lightly pressed your feet against a wall.  When you are ready for more difficulty attempt to brace with one leg as you advance then use one heel.  When you have mastered that, attempt the hand stand with no bracing at all.  Do not expect to master this in the first couple weeks.  As your strength increases you will be able to execute this exercise.  

Glute Bridges:  You should begin this while lying on your back with your feet right under your knees.  In this position explode your hips as far up and forward as possible while contracting your glutes.  Hold for a 1-2 count and release.  Repeat in a rhythmic fashion.

Take these and reap the benefits!  A lot of the single limb exercises are really going to push you to your limits.  Those are awesome for core stability and I believe should have its place in every structred program!

If you enjoyed those you should check out my book which covers bodyweight, nutriton, mentality as well includes a free workout template!  Get it for free right here: Aktion Strength Guide


Enjoy, Akie


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