What is it?

The squat is the most natural position a human can assume other than standing and the fetal position.

With that being said every human should be capable of hitting 2x their body weight or more at least once.

Squatting is not only a natural position for humans but even further it is the best exercise there is because of it being a compound movement.

Compound movements are exercises that engage the larger muscle groups in order to complete the movement.

Why you should want to squat?

You should want to squat for a couple of reason, but for our purposes here we will take into account that squat is the lift that most simulates real life.

Take that in for a second, and really digest it.  With the squat there is a bunch of weight holding you down and you have to get back up.  In life there are an unlimited amount of bullshit that can get in your way, but in the end, you have to either stand up with the weight or get squashed.

How do you squat?

  1. Stabilizing:  This segment of the squat calls for the total body contraction.  Beginning with squeezing the hands on the outer rings this will enable you to stabilize the entire body.  We do so beginning with the smallest details including the hands.  Once you are gripping the bar as tightly as possible, swing your upper body under the bar and place your upper back under the middle of the bar and retract your scapula.  Once under the bar stand up with the weight, contracitng the core.   Take a one-two step backwards into your squatting space while keeping tight.
  2. Break At The Hips: Once you are fully tight and ready to squat it is time to engage the hips.  To apply the hip hinge motion, simply push your glutes back-wards and open your hips to handle the weight. The movement should be similar to sitting back in a chair.
  3. Lower Until Parallel/Recoil: During the eccentric portion it is important to remember to lower with complete control but with enough momentum so you can have a recoil effect at the bottom at least until parallel and then explode back up with all the pressure being on the heel and outer portion of the foot.

Go out and squat!



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