Today I start my training for USPA nationals.  4 months into the new year and I am still strong in the pursuit of my goals.  I will be honest I have no exact idea how I am going to reach my goals but I know that I am.  That is what Aktion Strength is all about, in the face of uncertainty not being afraid of taking Aktion and asking questions later.  With that said, I am aiming for a 560 squat, 365 Bench and a 675 deadlift.  I am currently at 500, 320 and 600 so total I am looking at a 180 increase in total poundage, but I believe that big challenges bring out the best out in people and I am ready for the challenge!

This 12 weeks going to take intense focus on training, form on key lifts, sleep, recovery, nutrition as well as other smaller variables like water cutting to make weight closer to the date to be successful.  I post my goals to you guys is to keep myself accountable.  If I don’t accomplish what I posted to you guys it really makes me look like an asshole lol and I take it to heart to acccomplish what I write down and what I tell people I am going to accomplish.

I appreciate all the support up until this point, keep the positive comments coming and I hope you guys are going for big goals in your fitness and career life as well!  Go big or go home right?

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