When it comes to having great health people think they need eight to nine hours of sleep, great nutrition and endless sessions of cardio.  Have no fear, you can beat out tj of these exageratted notions with the simplicity in strength training!  Strength training could indeed  is true to have optimal health those three are going to push you forward in the right direction.  For superb health working towards strength is the most undermined thing that could unlock so many things for you.  People talk about being lean, building muscle, losing fat all the while all the while leaving out the overarching  framework that covers it all.

Without further ado, here 3 reasons why you should train for strength:

  1. Increase Testosterone: Increased testosterone is number one benefit when it comes to benefits in training for strength.  Testosterone is a hormone in your body that can be referred to as the life force hormone.  It has multiple functions, but for our purposes today we can state that it increases growth horome so adding lean muscle is much easier, the recovery is sped up, you sleep better and not to mention the sex drive goes through the roof when training for strength. 😉
  2. Freakish Athlectism: When training for strength, the athlecisim you obtain is going to be insane!  When strength trainaing it is likely that you drop fat quickly!  What that does is increase your relative strength, when you can lose weight and add strength your body all of a sudden you are lighter on your feet, you can sprint faster, jump higher and react quicker than it normally would than if you still had fat on layered over it.
  3. Increased Confidence:  Strength training allows you to physically see your progress week in and week out.  This isn’t like cardio or body building by anymeans where it takes longer peroids of time to see improvement.  When you can do more reps, or heavier weight in a short period of time you feel inclined to keep doing it because of the visible and physical return on your work.  Seeing your body change over time isn’t going to come quickly but as your strength gains come in you will see noticable improvements.  Trust in the process and your aesthitic appearance will come!

Those aren’t the only 3 reasons, if you can have some of your own not on this list, comment them below and let me know what you other benefits strength training can have for one looking to improve themselves and get fit!

– Akie

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