When it comes to building muscle, increasing strength, losing fat most people are truly clueless.  People run on the treadmill for hours at a time or go into the gym with their head down and lift weights for hours on in.  Both of these ways are dooming you for failure.  The squat, the bench press and the deadlift are all lifts that every program should include in some form or another.

The simplicity and the one size fits all approach to Compound Movements is not talked about enough when it comes to fitness.  Compound Movements simply involve using multiple muscles groups that work together to move the barbell or body if doing body weight exercises. on the particular exercise.  The movements involve using full range of motion on the exercises as well overall body stability.

The reason why compound movements are so useful is for an unlimited amount of reasons.  These exercises stem all other forms of exercise.  If you are new to the gym, short on time or want to keep your workouts simple then these movements will build you a firm foundation for an athletic strong physique.  In short, you cannot go wrong with these movements.  Compound movements are movements that humans have been doing for thousands of years to the point that our bodies do them by default.

5 Ways Compound Movements Work Magic:

  1. Give you the biggest bang for your buck.  You can burn more calories doing these than you ever could doing homeostasis or endurance cardio.
  2. You gain great range of motion in the most positions you use in everyday life.  For example, when you want to sit in a chair you naturally have to get into the squat position.  It is easy to take those movement patterns for granted now but as you age it gets harder to do things like getting up from a chair.
  3. Increase testosterone.  The stimulation of stress in training big muscle groups helps blood flow all over the body, it increases recovery and growth hormone.
  4. Encourages potential for great athleticism.  This is because it encourages the growth of lean and dense muscle.  Relative strength is where you lift a heavy amount of weight at a low body weight.
  5. Core strength and stability is greatly improved by building strength in compound movements.  You can get a great set of abs by never doing one crunch but consistently doing compound movements and surprisingly can never be the other way around.

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