What up guys, hope you guys are having an awesome Tuesday!   I am excited to let you guys know what I have been working on as of late.  This is essentially a project that I am deeply passionate about.  As most of you know, I am an entrepreneur and a business nerd, this is a quote by Peter Drucker that really put into an action.  He said the reason a business exists is to create a customer.  Simple huh?  Now in order to create a business, you need to solve a problem for people.  I figured what better way to solve a problem that I have personally had see in the world than to start with myself.  I guess I am a person right?

For years, I have bought many programs, books, courses and videos.  With good intentions I was attempting to better myself from an athletic standpoint but looking back in hindsight I see that I had reached a threshold to where I already surpassed my peers in efforts and tangible results but with the intangibles, I had no answer.  Accountability and confidence to effectively train and visualize success never really resigned with me.

This accountability factor can solve so many problems that programs I bought before never really did.  Let me explain, once you purchase products there is rarely an instruction manual that gives you complete details of what you will need to get your desired end result.  It like they sell you on their product and vanish into space.  I want to take the end users goals and use their weakness as a  catapult them to their goals and hopefully, past them through various resources, I have found beneficial for myself.

This ebook will consist of my athletic journey, my training struggles, trial and error what has worked and has not worked up until this point as well as instant fixes that you can implement to your training and mindset for literal pounds added to your lifts and more clear expectations toward your strength goals.


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