The Arnold

Whats up guys hope all is well! I’m at the Arnold Classic currently! If you do not know what that is it is Arnold’s Schezeneggsars Annual sports exposition.  If you do not know who he is he is Turbo Man, the govoner of California and the terminator.  He is an Austrian man who set goals and literally had tens of thousand of people at his event and millions of more around the world!

This is an event that I have told myself for years that I would attend and really get an expierence at!  I am just amazed at the amount of people that came out to this event and were competing in not only powerlifting but literally countless amount of sports.  The energy there was amazing and the event was well put together. Also I never knew how big the supplement industry is as well the demand for accessories and clothing. Eye opening to see all the opportunity in this industry! Would def recommend it to anyone not only for people interested in sports but to just know that if you do something significant enough you can get literally millions to help you in your cause!


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