The question why do you get stronger is subject of debate all around the world for numerous reasons.  So many people are strong but did not get there the same way.  Marshawn Lynch is not the same type of strong as Lebron, just as Lebron is not the same type of strong that Ed Coan is.  These athletes are all obviously strong, but have different variables causing them to be strong in their respective sports.  There are multiple ways to skin the cat, but more importantly being strong indicates vitality and health!

It could be argued that being strong is the answer to all of our problems.  Can you be strong and also be sick? No.  Can you be strong and be down on energy? No.  What about depressed and strong?  Hardly.  Do you want to know the reason being strong and weight training is so bad ass?  Simple, being strong has psychological benefits as seen in many skinny fat people turned shredded bros.  There are also hormonal effects that increase testosterone in the body when lifting heavy this leads to better sleep, confidence and better energy among many other treats.  Working hard in the gym makes you more likely to eat healthy as well as more likely to be making other investments in yourself.

I guess what I am saying is that if you can find the drive, and the deep satisfaction in the process of getting better everyday you are already there!  There after you just enjoy your workouts and you will inevitably become strong and thus healthy!  Strength just like success in any journey worth travelling is a byproduct of repetition, attention to detail and hard work.  Be wary before making a commitment to strength, you may never be the same. 😉


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