Whats up guys!  Running on no sleep here lol!  If this comes off a little spotty its because I my eyes are literally burning!  Okay, now that’s out there in the open and you know that my eyes are twitching like a Wall Street broker on drugs, back to our scheduled programming!  The state meet I am prepping for is looking a bit sketchy!

So as of late my training has been really shitty and just lacking intensity overall.  This is not good seeing I have a meet in 2 weeks.  I am a bit over weight as well as my back is really bothering me.  The few lbs are easy to cut but a injured back could really effect my performance on he day of.  I have not been to the chiropractor in a while so that may be an option starting early next week and doing so more consistently going forward!

I have been  doing programming adjustments to make up for the back, but still my peaking is not going to quite the way I want to.  So for long term health as well as better gains for July which is my true concern, I am not going to peak too hard for this meet.  My goals for this meet would be 475/330/600 I am just going in trying to be better than I was last meet.

I am not going to fill these next two weeks with excuses and leaving my training to chance.  I am going to control what I can control is the next 14 days and my mentality, intensity while training and rest.  With the few sessions I have left these are extremely important for me to not only do better than last meet but place and qualify me for nationals in two different weight classes!

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