I read this book late last year and it just occurred to me recently that in my absence of from writing that I have been influenced by these negative forces!

Look out for these 4 types of opposition that you must beware of when you are on your path to greatness are attack, the diversion, the marginalization and the seduction.  These are very subtle There was a book I was reading Leadership on the Line, which I will do a review on in the future.  It talks about the sacrifice one must make

Attack: This comes in the form of an attack to your personal nature.  This is supposed to keep your eyes off the prize and away from the subject of the matter at hand.  These will consist of either verbal or physical attacks.  Other forms of attack can be misrepresentation of the initial message which will dilute your original message.

Diversion: This comes from distraction and leading you on a totally different path.  People at the top can easily get distracted by the concerns of others.  When the “followers” get their say in they do so for the core purpose of keeping the authority figure at the top busy with their problems.

Marginalization: This is literally what it sounds like!  Keeping you small and confined in a smaller space than you to your liking.  It can come in forms such as the people around you trying to put you into categorize you by labeling you.  Keeping you in a box so to speak.  Be wary of praise you receive, it is likely it is being done to keep doing what you are doing.  Personalized towards the label keeping you from other important matters.

Seduction:  The smoothest of them all as well as very subtle!  Because it is done with people you hang around the most.  Minor suggestions  to what you are already doing ultimately taking you away from what you originally planned.  Making you lose all sense of purpose all together.  This happens by taking on difficult issues so far out of your competence that you lose your credibility.

All 4 of these deserve equal caution in the pursuit of your goals.  If you are unaware of these  they can destroy your success on a dime.  You may be used to ups and downs in your everyday life but be weary of the compound effect and how a little in the short term could ruin you in the end!  Some of these are common occurrences in everyday life, but knowing them, puts you head and shoulders above everyone else.  This knowledge is useful for management when they come up in your pursuits.

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