I have been working really hard at getting my business off the ground as of late.  Even though I have to lift in the wee hours of the morning my training is still remaining very intense and progressive.  I cannot wait until I see what I can do when my sleep schedule is back to normal, diet back back on point and just mentally primed and ready to go.  For now I will continue to do what I have been which is do the best I can with the best I have.

Last night was a pretty intense workout and I feel as if I got much better.  I am focusing more on volume  and frequency with around 75% until about a week out from my state meet.  I am still experimenting and guinea pigging myself to ensure that I can confidently recommend advice that about what truly works in gaining raw strength.  I have peaked at purely strength training and am willing to experiment for increased results!

Last Workout:

squats 365 x 3 x 10

atg squats 315 x 3 x 5

SLDL’s 3 x 8

Back extensions w/25 lbs 3 x 10

Cable Crunches 3 x 10

Leg Raises 3 x 10

Each week I plan on increasing my initial set of squats by 5-10 lbs as I inch closer and closer to the state meet.  Training for pure strength is what I am used to and have gotten great strength gains from in the past, but I have peaked using that methodology.  I need not only a switch in stimulus but get more volume overall to more so ingrain the deep squat movement patterns as last meet, as I got 490 and it was not to adequate depth.

My goal for this upcoming meet is to win the USPA state championship, get best overall lifter as well as  get 500 lbs in a meet.  This is another reason for my increased frequency in squats.  Note that I have been doing front squats every day of my new programming for 90-120 repetitions on my non leg days.

Anyways quick update, hope you guys are having a great week thus far and take care!


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