I hope you guys had an awesome and productive week!  I had a productive one despite working 15 hours a day every day since Monday!  I have been up at 7 am and at work at 8 until 11:15 pm at night.  Despite all of that work, it was productive for the most part and learned a bunch!  To add to that, I still managed to get solid training sessions that is prepping me for my meet, as well as awesome progress towards my website!  I have also been working on my language skills all the while!  Its funny I get more done when I have more on my plate.  Hopefully, when my schedule gets more slack, I have no excuse not to be this productive lol!

Language:  Learning french has been very interesting to say the least.  I am currently using the TheNativeSpeaker.net as a catalyst to speed up the learning curve.  This system is really simple to use.  It gives me daily words of the day to remember, as well as a weekly 15 min podcasts on the way to and fro work that gives useful conversation pieces that are actually applicable.  I also have been speaking French to as many customers at my job as possible, considering I have about 25% of my daily clients being Haitian, it helps a lot as well!  Although they laugh when I speak but they definitely understand me.  I still have to get my pronunciations right as far a nasal sounds go but as far as my actually content and context of what I am saying they understand fully and completely.

Training:   After that getting my workout I lifted every day but Monday this week.  It is not ideal for me to workout in these conditions with deprived sleep but I felt it necessary to get work in over things like sleep this week due to me having a state meet very close (in March).  During the long term I understand that it is important to get sleep, but I feel reps and sets is of higher value at the current moment for obvious reasons.

I have been putting extra emphasis on squats this week, so even on days where I train upper body, I still implement leg work.  In fact just yesterday night I was doing a shoulder day and ended up doing around 150 extra front squats at 185 lbs.  It is a bit odd but I am trying out new stimulus to see if helps my over all total.  My goals for this summer is at least 1520 lbs total at nationals this summer in Las Vegas.  That is besides the fact though before I get ahead of myself I am really just focused on this meet coming up in March and killing my last competitions results.

Website:  My own fitness/self development website is in the works right now.  It will be a place where I will strictly post articles on fitness along with the aspect of accountability.  Accountability for people who are not where they want to be physically is a field in the fitness industry that has not been hit.  I have felt the personal pain of it myself.  People sell product as well as services without any back end support or a real sense of community and accountability.  Maybe there is not a lot of money in it but I feel it is something worth addressing.  Once an user has purchased a program what percentages really follow through with it or get the results they want?  My mission is to fill gap in the market that can provide useful tools as well as quality information to keep the end user accountable.

Feedback would be awesome on my idea for my website theme would be awesome!

Thanks and have a productive weekend!


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