As of late I have not been as remotely engaged in my blog posts thus, the short instances where I simply posted WOTD that I was finding in my readings as well as in good overall words that were good to know.  What have been up to you may be asking, well a couple of things:


I have been working on a strength book in which I have been focusing most of my time on.  Hours later I am pretty much done with it.  I think will be the launching pad for me as far as my business life in this fitness industry goes.  I am currently looking for a website in which to host my system in which people can interact with each other with similar fitness goals, have regular fitness product such as training T-shirts, shorts, as well as programs in which to purchase for their individual goals.  If anyone knows of any good platforms message me or comment below!  Thanks for your support.


I ordered my large number of books yet (17) in which to really get some knowledge out of this year.  I am not sure how quickly I will get through them but just having them by my bed side is really useful in case I have a certain question about a particular business, life or relationship question.  Looking to do some really good book reviews for this blog!  I really went all out with this amazon purchase but I am confident I will get my values worth 1ox.


Getting stronger than ever, have been working more and more training less and less while still using my simple method which I have outlined in my book.  This is not sustainable for the long term but as far as starting my business, I feel it is necessary that training as efficient as possible in this span of weeks is what I have to do.  I will however not take any time off as loss of reps in getting stronger in the long term is a huge disadvantage to me.


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