Whats up guys, Hope you are all doing well!  I have attacking been on my goals left and right since Jan 1.  I am on track to accomplish goals I have for this year and I hope you are too.  I am working consistently or toujours on my French and on building my business!  Two of the major things I wanted to crush this year.  Too early to say now but I may surpass what I expect and I think this is because am really enjoying the ride each and everyday.  I forget where I am when I am diligently working on those things. I believe this is singly one of the most important things one can do in working on a skill or building a business is truly enjoy what you are doing.

I am treading on the right track now in early 2016 and I do this simply by having a notebook and notifications on my phone of what I need to do.  Half of the time I remember to just do it as soon as I think of it before it gets too late in the day and forget about doing.  So as soon as something related to my business or the like I do it as soon as it comes to mind.   This is the best way to kill procrastination as this is something that kills all dreams.  It usually takes me down as well but I am really just hard at it and I am planning to keep the momentum going!

Language learning is something I have always had an interest in ever since I was younger.  Fun Fact:  When I was in high school my Freshman I joined a French class because a girl I like was taking French, of course I was too shy to talk to her but along the way I learned French.  This was a mistake, I ended up taking 4 years distracted lol. This was sometime ago, this past summer I was in Ireland studying abroad when I was leaving a pub and I see a gorgeous girl.  I have stepped my game up since then and I had confidence and know how to talk to a girl and so I began talking to her ;).  She began talking to her friend in French and I could understand a little bit.  I began telling her my name in French and so on she giggled but I could not keep up the conversation as we went on.  Eventually she became disinterested and walked away and I never saw her again.  Flash forward to now!  I am on a mission now!  This is not only because of these past bad experiences with french and women but I owe it to myself to learn the language and speak it fluently!  I want to make up for missing out on 4 years of high school were I could be using French more often with friends and family that can speak it!  I am using thenativespeaker.net if you are interested in what I am using!

I have made contacts with the right people this week in order to make things fall through for my business.  I plan on training in a new gym starting early February.  This gym, I feel will really push my limits as this is the gym in the area that has the strongest of the strongest in the whole city.  There is not many people my age or strata that attend this gym.  I will be one of the weaker ones in the gym for once but I for one am ready for the challenge and growth!  This will beneficial for me and my training as well as keeping intensity up in my programming.  New videos coming this week!  Stay tuned!


If you are inters


3 thoughts on “Update: Goals for 2016 and staying on track

  1. Just noticed your blog post a in my feed and thought I’d take a look. Its currently about 6:44 am and Your post gave me a something to laugh and relate to. I actually also hope to work in order to actually become fluent in a language like French, but it honestly probably won’t happen for me anytime soon haha. Keep up the work and I’m sure you will achieve your language and fitness goals! p.s. Just caught a couple minor errors “I have (attacking been) on my goals” and “This (will beneficial) for me” 🙂


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