Training has been going rather well.  I am currently in week 5 of 6 of the program I am doing after this training cycle I plan on switching to a more periodized focused approach again.  This is what I made the most strength gains in in the past, the reason I strayed away from of it as of late is because you do not know what works until you know what doesn’t.  I will continue to experiment and see what works for me as well as what doesn’t.

Yesterday morning I got an awesome set of squats in, just the way I like it.  I was doing working sets of 3 until my final set of 2 at 470.  It felt harder than it looked ha, but as far as liquid results I got them done.  I also worked in dead lifts for sets of 3 and working up to a final set of 455.  Its what the programming called for and this was a morning workout so I was not too mad about being in and out of the gymnasium.

As for this evening I did sets of bench press and as of late I have been widening my grip for a number of reasons.  I have been benching the way I have, which is basically index finger on the edge of the rough since the Lord knows how long, but for the past week I have been working on widening my grip.  This in the end game will enable me to have a much shorter range of motion, hypothetically down the line causing me to lift more weight.

The results were not tangible today as I worked up to a single of 315 but went up pretty slowly almost all due to the new wide grip.  I also worked in “wide” incline bench, weighted pull ups, hand stand push ups, and bent over rows.





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