Whats up guys!  If you have been tuned into to my posts as of late, they have consisted of inspirational and trued quotes by some gurus, greats and people with great life experiences.  I have noticed that through my reading of the books, articles and videos I stumble upon that there are many terms that are special.  That term special can mean an array of things from highlighting it and reading it over again when I read the book, a cliche meaning that the phrase or framework sounds familiar and ever true or a word that is not in our vocabulary yet until we look it up and apply it.

These unique instances in going over new material is exciting in that you find true virtue in it and that it is uniquely beneficial to you because it was not handed to you and from that point on has significance to you and therefore you hold it more closely than pointless material given to you by media in the form of news or others in the form of gossip. This is one of the main reasons I love self help, improving yourself and reading because it allows for a more personal journey to self fulfillment as opposed to a one size fits all method to learning and enhancing life.

From here on out I will be posting words and quotes that are from either my reading or from a significant point in my day that I think it is important to remember and or unique to me, and full confidence it will help you because like a great anonymous source said “no man is an an island”and “no one problem is one mans alone.”

I think the WOTD is going to be huge for everyone.  New vocabulary enhances the brain functioning by making it enable new meaning to what once was foreign.  I once heard that a man world is as big as his vocabulary, meaning that if he cannot understand somewhat complex terms that he will live a mediocre life more times than not.  I do not know if this is true but I am not taking any chances ha.

Hope you enjoy,



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