Overall one of the easiest read I have been through it took literally 3-4 hours through 260 pages within 3 days!  The story of Mark Zuckerburg’s come up was as exciting as it comes.  From being a unknown awkward coder to an awkward coder billionaire he seemed to change little.  He had a trait that most great leaders have and that is a heavy dose of objectivity and adaptability.

During that time of the early to mid two thousands there were many students across the U.S. attempting to create a social media website in hopes of hitting it big, including several of Marks classmates.  Three students even attempted to sue him for a misunderstanding of Marks intentions towards helping them in benefit  of their similar project.  What shocked me in reading this was that  the co-founder when leaving the project for his own reasons during the middle of the maturation of Facebook, did hostile things such as cut off the bank account and even sue Mark for their “wronging behaviors” toward him.  The flow of the book

This overall review of this book was easily a 8.5/10.  I have not seen the movie yet but I hope it just as good.  The flow of the book from start to finish was as good as it could be written.  Stating everything from their self talk and moods towards themselves to the exact number of shares during the public offering.  This book is a definite must read for anyone who uses Facebook and is interested in its detailed origin.   Awesome story to read, I recommend.



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