This weeks book is on the founding of Facebook, the struggles and tribulations of building what is the one of the biggest social media outlets today.  It was a little over 10 years ago that a few young college kids got together and made this network come to life.

This is a book I think has tremendous value for obvious reasons and I bought a couple of months ago in Richmond for 1.00 at a book shop.  The book was in great condition when I bought it and I think it is because it is a fairly easy read.  I picked the book up about an hour ago and I am already 7 chapters in.  Overall, great experience reading this thus far and a lot of Mark Zuckerburg’s history is more clear to me now!

Will definitely give a review on this in the coming day’s.   Facebook’s story is something worth everybody reading just because of how often each of us uses Zuckerburg’s tool!

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