Training 3 days a week is not typically what an elite power lifter considers optimal for making progress in their lifts.  Then you may ask, why do I only lift 3 days week.  I believe you should run the gym and not the other way around.  The gym should enhance your life and not engulf your time with countless reps and sets.  This can be frustrating, exhausting and it gets old fast.  What I recommend instead is using the big 3 and working in 2-4 accessories depending on how much you need to hit a certain muscle group.

As I said in previous posts I plan on competing in the state championship as well as the national championship.  The exercises I have to exert maximum effort on in the championship’s will be squat, bench and deadlift.  Wouldn’t it make sense to focus most of my attention on these main lifts?  Some other lifters have it confused with getting a pump and think they are getting stronger, when really this is an aspect of body building called hypertrophy and goes against the grain of building strength.

Lifting like this saves time which we all have a limited time for.  It also enhances your training sessions in that you lift less reps per lift and do so in a more stimulating manner than going for a pump.

A typical Bench day would look like so:

Bench 5×3

Pull ups (weighted) 3×5

Over head Press 3×10

Bent over Rows 3×10

That type of workout is what I pulled from my own programming and has helped me make the progress I have.  It keeps me consistent in the gym and is encouraging to see more and more weight go up every week.  Add one main lift and 3 accessories to your workout and see what gains you can add.



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