Front Loading 2016

When it comes to acquiring that first customer, subscriber, and relationship that you are trying to establish it is for lack of a better term a bitch.  Get over the initial inertia and BS.  Grind for the first couple of the year and reap the results.  Imagine where you will be 6 months from now.  Front loading is crucial to success.  We all want to go from being at 0 to having the life we want.  I am not there yet but from what I hear and what I see from others who have made it to higher paradigms in their mind and life that it does not work that way.

3 thoughts on “Front Loading 2016

  1. I beg to differ. It depends on the goals, and where you start, and maybe just a bit of luck. I got to where I wanted to be in just 6 months. Now that I’m here, I’m setting higher goals. While it’s good to be realistic, we should never limit ourselves by only preparing for a level of success based on the average or minimum of what other people have achieved.


    1. I agree, I defiantely is not a one size fits all concept. The message is not that you necessarily achieving your goal in 6 months by any means. I am simply saying if you start today and push hard each day, incrementally you get better. Anyone who does tries to achieve a goal (Ex: lose weight) does something ( eat 100 less cals each day) will see a particular result in the right direction. There will be night and day difference, wouldn’t you agree?


      1. Yes, I can get behind that. I agree with pushing people and preparing them for long periods of time to pass before success hits, but I think people should be prepared for early achievement as well. Not being prepared for success is often just as terrible as not being prepared for trouble. 😉


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