Today was a hell of a day, really took action towards my goals.  I actually got to the gym partially late this morning due to just going through the motions this morning so it really had a huge impact on my training.  I could only get through two sets of squats before having to leave for work.  Someone at the gym who also does powerlifting talked to me for quite some time and had questions about my training.  I normally do not mind to give advice about what I do, but today I was running late!  Furthermore I did not get everything I needed done to call this a session.  This is due to something I could have totally avoided by having head phones and just focusing.  The workout was supposed to be 1×6 of 420.  I struggled to get to 3, this is because of not having a full warm up.  I tried again and I got 4.   At this point I was definitely getting irritated, I couldn’t even do deadlifts because of time constraint.

I came in this evening and crushed I did 1×5 420 and 3×3 of 420 as well.  For dead lifts I did 4 inch deficits with 5×5 with 405.

Another day in the books, my goal is to bream records in the USPA for 181 juniors.  Doable and working towards it every time in the gym.


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