Today I am going to my first conference of the year.  The financial freedom company Rich Dad run by Robert Kiyosaki who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad is coming to Roanoke.   In my goals for this year I planned on going to 12 seminars.  After today I have something to mark off of my goal list.  This year for me is about starting my business which is a business which includes  basically everything I have been covering in my blog.  These topics are along the lines Power lifting, Fitness in general and Self Improvement.

Today’s workshop consists of basic financial freedom and the like.  I am sure what I hear today is going to be something I heard before.  However this is necessary for rooting it in at a subconscious level and making these thoughts, frameworks and guidelines second nature.  Our minds are much much more stubborn than we think.  Think about how many times you had to be told something before it actually stuck.  I am really bad at hearing something once and then implementing it and I imagine I am not the only one.  Repetition is key to learning, and I am more than willing to hear something more than once in order for it to become manifested in my life.

12 may sound like a lot in foresight but it will be a year from today Jan 7, 2017 before you know it and just ask yourself: How far along towards your goals do you want to be a year from now?  Who do you want to be from now?  Where do you want to be a year from now? and the like and 12 conferences learning from people who are where you would like to be in life and learn your ass off.  That is it  for now, I may make a video later of some of the event and what I pick up.



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