What do you say no to?

From now on when you leave the house in the morning until the time you step foot into typos residence in the evening, I need you to take a moment to realize the insidious nature of competition in modern day society.  I am not saying it is a bad or good thing, I’m just insisting you try out a little experiment.  I tried it today and it wasn’t half bad.

The expierient consisted of brig concious of what I was being fed.  This was everything from the thousand aid advertisements we see everyday to the proposals of events or activites friends invited me endulge in later.  It all comes down to you and what you say no to, that is the measure to the degree in which you feel most fulfilled.

Today I saw a twix candy bar in the gold and red wrapping.  It looked perfect, makes my mouth moist just thinking about it.  But it didn’t line up with what I have in mind for myself, so I turned it down.  A girl gets approached by guys left and right at the night club that aren’t her type she turns them down.  When what is being dealt in front of you is not to your liking and do not line up exactly with your goals, turn them down.

Times WILL come where fools gold tries to put itself in your path so that you will notice it.  DONT!  Expect this it will happen. Embrace discipline because discipline is better than regret 10 times out of 10.



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