Today’s workout was defiantly one of my best.  However it is still another day in the gym to get better.  It was not only a brick towards the greater wall I am building towards.  With that said, this week is more of a moderate to heavy week.  Today did not have huge workload but still challenging.  I did an early morning workout around 8 am and it looked like this:

3×4-6 squats 425

3x 525 deadlifts

The squats went a little weird, for the first set, I could only grind up 4, where as the second set I blew threw all 6 with speed and the last set I only managed to do 4 again.  Weird, I know, that has never happened to me before.  I will continue to monitor and see how it goes down the line.  All variables are about the same so I am still experimenting to what it I could be, maybe time difference from PM to AM maybe?

As for deadlifts, I was not happy at all.  I did change my stance from conventional to sumo, and it does feel a lot more comfortable.  The workout called for 2×4-6 reps of 525 and I only managed to get 3.  This was upsetting for me.  I am debating just redoing the whole workout tomorrow morning.



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