The dinosaur was at one point the most dominant species on earth.  They varied in size and shape but it was not uncommon for the bigger ones to be as tall as 90-100 ft tall and 10 to hundreds of tons in weight.  So why are they not here today if they were obviously the most dominant than any other species ever on earth?

There has been tons of debate to this.  Many controversial points of view concerning what exactly happened to the dinosaurs.  Some say an huge asteroid causing them to die off, other’s plate tectonics is the reason.  Why did a menial insect like an ant survive an not the dominant dinosaur?  Adaptability.  The ant is changeable enough to where it could get away from the surface no matter the circumstances and maneuver its way around to survive.  Where as  the dinosaur was too large and too stuck in being “dominant” where ultimately it had to fess up to whatever nature had coming for it.

What does this mean for me and you?:

We cannot be like a dinosaur and stuck in your ways and expect to move forward when nature comes.  If something is not working for you fix it quickly and adapt like the ant or else you or whatever situation that you are pursing could become extinct.

Happy Sunday!


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