95% of businesses are closed today.  And for good reason!  Kicking off the new year is always exciting.  But ask yourself the following.  How do you feel?  Any different than yesterday?  If you are like most people, probably not.  What changed?  Why are these businesses closed?  Because everyone was for lack of a better term “whacked” from last night, whatever that may mean.

But for the 5% working, I just want to say kudos and keep striving forward.  I imagine that the business that are open are either not where they want to be in terms of goals or do not celebrate holidays.  Either of them I do not judge.  This is not a post bashing those who took today off but rather just shedding light on and giving patronage to those who continue to do their activity when the rest of the pack is not.

Happy New Year!  I hope your year goes better than you planned for it to.


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