I have come to a epiphany and maybe I am a little late on this, but hopefully this post will make you look at past outcomes of your life!  Have you ever had someone come up to you and bring about a proposition to you.  Maybe its a party that they want you to go to, a favor they need or even a school they want you to go to.  Sometimes these propositions can be to your best interest!  The reason they maybe offering their say is that you are or seem to be inexperienced in some particular area.  We are social creatures and it is first instinct to find opinion on things, we do not have a strong reality in and further more strengthen our own.  Hopefully the proposer of the certain advice or ideology that they are assisting you with is not arbitrary but rather focused on truth and really in your best interest.  Remember, if you do not consciously have a grip on your reality, you can be like the old saying goes a leaf in the mind.

Before I go any further let me explain what a strong reality is so that I am not misunderstood!  I am not saying delusion is a strong reality because delusion is basically a misinterpreted reality in which the reality is more beneficial to you in some fashion or another.  A strong reality is where you have numbers, stats on the related subject at hand with a desired end game and step by step PROVEN processes to see it through.  The last portion of the definition sounds rather subjective, but my take on it is black and white and completely objective.   Now if you do not have the necessary information to complete the task at hand go towards the end game and expecting success is delusion.  However, I have found may of times in the recent epiphany and reminiscing on past events where I have found myself at events I do not want to be at, doing things I do not want to do, talking people the way I do not want to, it was because simply put my reality was not strong enough!

So 3 keys to having a stronger reality:

  1.  Go travel and sight seeing:  This is key to this is not what the title depicts.  When I say travel I do not mean for leisure!  I mean do it to go to monumental places in your country, or around the world to see what other people have made and done.  Then come to a place to  recognize that people have been in the exact spot you have before.  When looking at an amazing work of art like the Mona Lisa, or companies like Tesla that has bleeding edge innovation’s or Virgin with space ships realize that they are people just like us.  When you see these things up close it is different.  I have recently went to Hollywood and I saw the walk of fame where many famous “celebrities” have been before, been in the same hotel that Marilyn Monroe had her first photo shoot.  I do not say this because I think it is so special, but I say it because it does something to your consciousness that shifts it to a place where you have to accomplish something just as great or maybe even greater.
  2. Have the authoritative mindset:  If something is not in your best interest , simple, don’t do it.  If a certain thought will not help you in a situation, simple, do not think it.  If other people expect you to go along with their plans or do things you do not  want to do, are they on their agenda or your agenda.  Saying this it is not that they are purposely trying to take away from your life, but if you go along with it as a pawn you seriously degrade your life.  If intuitively you have a bad feeling about it then stick to your will.  When you will see it through you will see who’s who and what is really what.  This is easier said than done, but it can done with time and implementation.
  3. Doing what seems unnatural:  We are social beings, I think we all know this intuitively but this is the most condescending part of our lives really.  Its proven science!  So remember when you see everything man made, remember it probably took someones whole life to come up with that idea and take the proven steps to make it possible.  If you get the information to do what it is you want to do, nothing can stop you if you take the steps that are proven to get to that desired end.

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