Today I have actually hit a two a day in terms of working out for the first since earlier this summer!  I am just experimenting with it right now but in terms of progression and moving forward I think this maybe a protocol that can be very useful for me!  Especially in terms of getting the most out of a particular split while working out!  This may seem a little complex, but it is not that complicated of an idea at all.

When going through for lack of a better term, draining training, that is hard not only on the body but more importantly the CNS, it is very important that we get maximum recovery.  This is because in order to push the certain percentages with the most force during the workout you need as close to 100% of output.  Certain days you weights can feel easier and move faster than other days, this is due to not recovering properly and doing sets, reps and stressful compound movements to close together.  The above average and more experienced lifters are aware of this!

So when it comes to doing a workout in which you need to get the squat and deadlift in the same day, one way to go about it would be to throw it all together and hope for the best!  More than likely after doing a good set of squats it is unlikely that you will be able to preform the deadlifts opotimally with form integrity and more importantly without missing reps!  This may not be a problem for everybody, as it is not for me at all!  But if my reps are not as fast as possible then I am not satisfied with my workout!  It is rare that I miss reps but when I do, it can be stressful and ruin workouts. If you want better results down the road it is important to get the work in with strict form, speed and when you are fully rested.

This morning I did a bench workout and this evening I did deadlifts, and it looked like this:


230 x 10

250 x 8

270 x 8

Accessory work: zzz


405 5×8

Windshield wipers 3×6

Accessory work: zzz

Keep this in mind before rushing to get the work over with!  Either do it full-heartedly and with some brains behind it or not at all!


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