I enjoy reading, I really do.  But like I mentioned yesterday, I think we all get a little aggravated when we cannot finish a book in a certain length of time and We all know we should read more.  Learning from others portions of livelihood that they share is big for us as far as shortening the learning curve.  The old tale of how you should engage in your reading, is like comparing apples to oranges.  Some books are more relevant to us than others at certain points in life.

Do not fall victim to the guilt that you may place in skipping around in a book and or skimming over it!  There is a rare amount of content in a book that is there for its core.  Think about it, if you told the authors of the book to give us the main points of the book, they could more than likely give it to us in 50 pages or less.  The contrary is that we get books 10x as long with a bunch of examples, this that and the other.  If you want to go into more depth after not understanding a concept that is cool, but move on and get on to more topics because this is key when wanting to indulge in the most amount of books as possible while getting the most out of your time!

The author already won when you bought the book, so do not feel guilty, use the book as you wish and do not let the book use you!

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