I am not going to lie, as far as keeping up with my reading as of late, I have been really struggling!  I hate skipping around, bad habit I know!  I am still on the losing my virginity book by Richard Branson.  I have stopped and started again about 3 times the last month.  It is over 500 pages but I am currently in the last 100 pages of the book.  I anticipate me finishing it up tonight or tomorrow morning and finally starting something fresh!

It is not that the book is boring by any stretch it is just a lot to digest in one sitting.  I really encourage anyone who gets stifled when reading a book, to try and stop when it you stop paying attention and start doing something else.  The worst thing you can do while reading a book is bulldoze through this is not only not rewarding for you but does not help you comprehend what you are reading at all!

This book has been awesome so far like I said, I have picked up a lot of good useful knowledge that is applicable to my life today.  The most important one is not to take shit from anyone.  Branson when starting his airline had a lot of difficulty.  He had to take his attention away from an already established and successful venture and go against his business partners  from teenage years will and invest in the aero industry.  This process was long and tedious.  He knew nothing about the industry but he did know how to negotiate.  He used his capital from bank lenders to rent planes and make enough money to pay the rent and the lenders back.

This all came to a hault when in the 90’s the big power house of British Airways started using dirty tactic’s to blow out Virgin Atlantic and control the whole market.  These tactics included redirecting customers calls so that they would answer Virgin’s phone lines and say they were over booked and redirect them to British Airways, tapping phone lines and digging through trash among other things.  When Branson found out about this at first he wanted to just let this big corporation and conglomerate just stop what they were doing.

But here is where Branson really taught me something.  Once the situation got out of control. Branson had to become something greater than he was.  He could not be a Record Company CEO and a Airline CEO, he had to handle literally had to sell his first company that he worked on for over 20 years to focus on his newest venture.  Sometimes letting go of the past is very hard, but it essential to move forward with what is at hand in the present and what will give us greater return in the future.  Once he finally got the deal for Virgin Record done and out of the way, he sued British Airways and they pleaded guilty instead of even fighting it.

What does that mean for you and I?  I think first and foremost, we need to look at his situation and realize that we should never let it get to the point of desperation and needing to get down to the last straw to give our best counter to the oppositions attacks.  The first altercation, I feel it is okay to be the bigger man, but after that you have to hold the person, company and entity accountable if not you get taken to the last straw and doing it this way basically guarantees you taking more damage.  Instead do not let it get that bad, be able to simulate the future and react accordingly and become greater than you are like Branson.

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