I was just watching a great YouTube video on habits by Julian  Himself of RSD a dating company that I follow and it really reminded me of concepts I picked up from the book the compound effect.  I guess good information is circular, but it is always good to see knowledge reiterated to make it become more truthful in the mind.  Anyways, it gave great emphasis on how big daily habits are and how important establishing rules are.  I was really into building and establishing good habits a couple of months ago but it really got old after awhile.  I mean, habits are great as far as giving motivation and getting somewhere in life but overall when you are not setting goals that enable habits that are narrowed out to your specificity in your exact goal then you are going to come up short.

Transparency is a habit he talked about, I enjoy the concept of transparency for three reasons.  Transparency enables us to to be more comfortable in our own skin.  This is important when you want to be doing something as routinely as a habit, if it is not natural you can ensure that it is not likely to happen daily.  It ensures accountability from yourself first off when you do not do it because more than likely you will feel uncomfortable and out of touch with your long term goals.  Lastly it really shows you who is with you.  When you do something daily and it is in competition with your inner circles motives, you really get a clear picture of who is with you.

Appreciation is the second of the habits in which he discussed.  Appreciation is good for obviously a number of things including goodwill with others, feeling great overall and sheer reminder to yourself of what you have and where you want to go.  Appreciation is one I need to be more cognitive of.  In a first world country that we live in it is really easy to get turned off because of every day situations and being unappreciative.

Going forward into this new year, I will try to build them around these two habits among a couple others that can really help me build upon myself continually.  Habits have played a big role in our life up to this point and for the most part we can name more good they do than bad.  Why not reverse this?  Why not make them go in our favor?  This new year set your expectations low, your goals high and make your habits achievable and winnable everyday, that is my goal for myself and I hope you do the same.


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