Today is Christmas eve!  The big day is just minutes away as I am typing this and it really makes me reflect on myself as well as others and what we put ourselves through on an annual basis.  It is a great time of the year where family and friends get together and exchange gifts, but why wait for this one day to do so?

People that we only see on a yearly basis are usually one to get the socks  that are too small or the t-shirt that was in style last year.  Although we are thankful for the gifts, wouldn’t it be much better to interact with these people once a month instead of just receiving random gifts once a year?  And in that time you could gather a lot of information about what people favor and are into.  But this is not about gifts at all it is just the way society has set up the holidays.

Seeing someone once a year is better than not at all but interacting and checking in someone once a month is better than any gift at all.  Although it is not a possibility for everyone in their “busy” schedule, it is just what would make the holidays a much better time of year than it already is.

Any who Merry Christmas!



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